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Hi, we are Nacha & Fer...

We are from Argentina, a land of mixed cultures, good food and a huge passion for sharing moments with family and friends.

In Perth we found our home. We love the sand, the sun and the ocean breeze. We love being outside and connected with nature. It is a reminder of how lucky we are to be in this world.

Alma means 'soul' in Spanish, and this project is a union of two passionate souls with a purpose. We are excited about living healthily and compassionately with this planet and all its beings. We invite people to our table to live the change they want to see in the world. We are delighted to offer more opportunities to reconnect with mother nature and collectively make a change for a healthier life and cruelty-free planet.

As a professional chef, Nacha puts her soul into every dish that will resonate from your palate to your toes. Fer will make sure all details are covered from end to end and provide you with the best experience.

Enjoy and immerse into the goodness. We'll do the rest.

With 'Soul', Alma Catering.

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